With over 3½ acres of asparagus, Burrwal’s Best is in full production.  With a growing season beginning in mid-April and going to the 1st of June, we are ready to supply you with the best fresh asparagus on the planet...

    Nothing says spring like asparagus!


                                                 Daily activities:
Harvesting                         Sorting                      Bundling           The Asparagus Shed       

Burrwal Farm, LLC.
5047 Main St.
May's Lick, KY  41055     606-584-0353

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You can get tips on planting, growing, cooking and freezing asparagus here in The Asparagus Shed! 
Burrwal Farm?        
The name my grandparents came up with
in the 20's to represent the abundant quantities of Burr Oak and Walnut trees that were found on the farm.
Hours:  8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily till June 1